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The Pink Panther Show (1969) 更新至8 |  共 94 集

  • 豆瓣评分: 8.1
  • 导演: gerry chiniquy / arther davis
  • 类型:喜剧 / 动画 / 家庭
  • 语言:英语
  • 地区:美国
  • 上映时间:1969-09-06
  • 单集片长:21分钟
  • 2014-12-19 04:13
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《The Pink Panther Show》在线观看和下载

The Pink Panther Show剧情内容介绍

The Pink Panther Show

The Pink Panther is an heroic, moral cartoon cat with pink fur and the manners of an English aristocrat. He only becomes flustered or angry at obtuse or offensive humans who try to disrupt his existence, or at troublesome gadgets, rodents, or insects. In most of his cartoons, he stumbles into a difficult situation and stoically endeavors to make the best of it. Episodes of this...

发布于1969年。由gerry chiniquy、arther davis执导,并于1969-09-06公映的动漫。


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